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   FAA MedXPress

  • All airmen, Air traffic controllers (ATCs), and certain other designated FAA employees are required to have FAA Medical Certificates or Clearance.
  • The process of applying for an FAA Medical Certificate or Clearance requires Completion of the FAA Medical History Form 8500-8  and performance of  Medical examination of the applicant by an FAA-designated Aviation  Medical Examiner (AME).
  • FAA MedXPress allows applicants to complete and submit their FAA Form 8500-8 on-line.
  • FAA MedXPress securely transmits the completed form and makes it available to a designated   AME to review at the time of the applicant’s medical examination.
  • MedXpress replaced FAA paper form 8500-8 effective 10-1-12.
  • Pilots need only a valid email address to create a MedXPress account to use FAA MedXPress.  The Medical Certification Process at a Glance:

• Connect to MedXPress at https://medxpress.faa.gov
• Request an account or login using your existing account
• Enter medical application data on the FAA 8500-8
• Submit your application
• Print the summary sheet
• Give a summary sheet with a confirmation number to your AME.

You may want to check the following video promoting the use of the MedXPress application for the pilot medical certification process.


MedXPress User Guide (PDF)


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